Andrologist and Urologist- Difference Between Andrologist and Urologist

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Many people could not able to mark the difference between an andrologist and urologist. Most of them ended up assuming both are just the two sides of the same coin. However, this is a myth that andrologist and urologist hardly make any difference and one can get appointment with either of them. But this is not true. Both have several differences in one ways or other.

Difference Between Andrologist and Urologist

Andrologist in Noidais the one who exhaustively as well as exclusively deals with the condition pertinent to the male reproductive system or male fertility and sexuality as compare to rather broader and comprehensive form of urology. whereas the urologists are specialized in the treatment of disease and disorder of urinary and adrenal gland in both the male and female.

The urologists, in female, treats the diseases relevant to bladder, kidney, ureter, urethra. As far as male is concern they treat and diagnose theā€¦

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About Winston McGill MD

Winston McGill MD is a well-known urologist in the region. Winston McGill MD did his doctorate from new jersey based University.
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