The Inspiring Professional Journey of Dr. Winston McGill, MD

Today in New Jersey area, Dr. Winston McGill, MD is known as a Urology veteran, who has brought life and happiness in thousands of families over his 30 years long medicine practice. But only a few people know the story behind him becoming a urology expert.

Winston McGill MD started his career at Bell Laboratories in 1968 as a mechanical engineer, where he worked on a Navy project – Sonar Surveillance Systems.  He is a mechanical engineering graduate from City College of New York.

Raised in Harlem neighborhood of New York City – where drug dealing was common in 60’s & 70’s, Winston McGill has seen first-hand what addiction can do to people. Having seen too much, he had the urge to do something for the betterment of his community since childhood.

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And this urge eventually made him leave his successful engineering career at Bell Laboratories, and pursue a career in medicine. The outcome of that decision is apparent to all of us today.

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About Winston McGill MD

Winston McGill MD is a well-known urologist in the region. Winston McGill MD did his doctorate from new jersey based University.
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